New Couple Success at Chicago Harvest Moon Ball 2017

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New Couple Success at Chicago Harvest Moon Ball!

In early October I attended the Chicago Harvest Moon Ball, organized by Peter Minkov & Yuliya Kornilova.

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  • Report by:: Keith Todd
  • Photos by:: Video Pro Productions
  • Chicago Harvest Moon Ball 2018

    And the bar was open……….

    Forgive us starting with this, but we’ve never before been to a competition where it was open bar in the ballroom all night!

  • Chicago Harvest Moon Ball 2016

    Smooth Ball!

    It was a Smooth Ball at the Chicago Harvest Moon Ball last night at it was all about the Professional Rising Stars and the Showdance couples, but in the Rising Star Smooth we had the most couples with a full quarter-final round making an incredible showing for Smooth dancing and a very entertaining evening for the audience.

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