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A Look Back - October 2005

In the October edition on 2005, we had 2 national championship reviews, the Latin by Rufus Dustin and the Smooth by Michael Mead & Toni Redpath.

  • Report by: Keith Todd, Rufus Dustin, Michael Mead, Toni Redpath, Greg Smith, Nadia Eftedal, Danny Villavicencio
  • Photos by: As marked

Open UK Professional Championships 2014

For this week’s look back, something a little different. A critical review of the 2014 Open Professional United Kingdom Championships.

  • Report by: Paul Killick, Allan Tornsberg & Loraine Barry
  • Photos by: Andrew Miller

RIP Glenis Dee, July 4th, 2020

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Glenis Dee Creeger this morning.

A Look Back - The events of 2005 - Part 2

Back in 2005, Shirley Ballas was a frequent contributor to Dance Beat, and at one point she expressed some opinions on how to present yourself in the ballroom. 

  • Report by: Didio Barrera, Shirley Ballas, Tracy Corrigan
  • Photos by: As marked

“A Look Back”
Events of 2005 – Part1

In this week’s “look back” here are a few happenings from 2003.

  • Report by: Keith Todd & Didio Barrera
  • Photos by: As marked

June 2003 - A Look Back

For this “look back” we travel to June 2003. Among articles in this edition was an overall report of the USA’s successes at Blackpool that year.

  • Report by: Keith Todd, Judi Hatton, Wolfgang Opitz, Wendy Johnson, Rauno Ilo, Forrest Vance, Jim Maranto
  • Photos by: As marked

The History of the Fan

Originally published in 2010 and written by the late dance icon, Mr. Frank Regan, this article traces the origin of the "fan position" in international rumba and cha cha.

  • Report by: Frank Regan

Russian Style - Five steps to Upgrade your Musicality

The Musicality criterion is a rather complicated concept. It is possible to spend all your dancing life working on and researching and developing musicality as a criterion.

  • Report by: Artem Bronnikov
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