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Open Professional Ballroom from Manhattan Dance Championships

A review of the finalists

  • Report by: Giampiero Giannico
  • Photos by: Action photos by Charles Ryder Photography

Pro Rhythm from Great Gatsby 2018

I would like to start by saying Congratulations to Kasia Kozak and Louis Bar for another successful year.

  • Report by: Sveta Daly
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Open Professional Ballroom from Great Gatsby Gala 2018

A review of the finalists

  • Report by: Valdas Padriezas 
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Open Amateur Ballroom from Empire Dance Championships 2018

A closeup look at the 6 finalists.

  • Report by: Ieva Pauksena
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Pro Smooth from Great Gatsby Competition 2018

“Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!”

  • Report by: Mazen Hamza
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Image of a dance couple or battles of temperaments. Star duets in action.

Dedicated to my partner, Zahara, who undergoes and makes me undergo all quirks and traits of our every-day road to success.

  • Report by: Maxim Arkhipenko

Open Professional Rhythm at Desert Classic 2018

It was a great privilege to judge Desert Classic and be able to spend time with Igor, Irina and many friends from California.

  • Report by: Wendy Johnson
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Professional Latin Report Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2018

2018 produced a very special year in the history of the Manhattan Dance Championship and marked a milestone where we all became reminiscent of the past 20 years.

  • Report by: Colin James
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography
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