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Twin Cities Rocks It Again!

This year, as every other year, the Twin Cities Open DanceSport Competition rocked it again with an amazing atmosphere and warm welcome to all competitors from pro-am to amateur and professional.

Open Professional Ballroom from Manhattan Dance Championships

The Saturday evening session of the Manhattan Dancesport Championships witnessed what could be considered one of the best Professional Ballroom Championship competitions in the United States.  

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Three Styles

Three styles were featured on the final day of the Millennium Dancesport Championships, the Professional Ballroom, the Professional Rhythm and the Professional Cabaret.

High Class at a Mile High!

This was the 25th anniversary of Richard & Jennifer Booth’s Colorado Star Ball Championships, held in the mile high city of Denver.

Open Amateur Ballroom from Emerald Ball Championships 2023

Saturday night at the Emerald Ball was a packed schedule of top quality dancing, and the audience lining every inch of the ballroom was a testament to the exciting lineup of events planned for us.

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A Crown Fit for All!

This year The Crown Jewel was held once again at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida and it was an experience fit for all ages.

Roaring 20’s at the Texas Challenge!

This year’s theme for the night club session was the Roring 20’s, but unlike at most competitions this was not the start of the competition.

More US Champions on the floor at Emerald

Last night the current US Champions were on the floor in every division except one.

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