Elite Dancers in a New Action Thriller

Press Release: What is the best dancing scene in a feature film?

A Magical Fairy Tale in Boston

Once upon a time a few dance enthusiasts, Chris Johnston, Frank Miranda and Audrey Paek, came together to organize a competition that wasn't ordinary but had a magical touch.

Everything is Simple, Nothing is Easy!
The four fundamental lessons of movement in ballroom dancing

Wouldn’t it be great if somebody nailed down the technique of ballroom dancing into four basic lessons? Well somebody has, and you can read all about it in his new book!

Beth Duke Takes over at Event Consultants

I am super proud to announce that Beth J. Duke is now the official CEO and Owner of Event Consultants, LLC. 

"A Ballroom Fairytale!" The DBDC 2022

Year after year we are invited to an enchanting weekend of celebration at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel.

Ukraine! Dancers in the War

The War… something that all of us were fearing, something that all of us were hoping would never happen in our lifetime.

"O Christmas Show, O Christmas Show"

When you do what I do long enough, certain things become second nature. 

Past Champions Parade - USDC 2021 (updated)

This is the 50th Anniversary of the US Dance Championships and as part of the celebration, we are being presented with many of the past champions. Here are the photos of these past champions on parade.

Saturday night it was the turn of the Latin and Ballroom past champions

Latin Past Champions

Quite a few of our past champions were here.

Ballroom Past Champions

Not too many of our past champions were in attendance.

Friday night we met the past champions in the the Theatre Arts, Smooth and Rhythm

American Rhythm

As with the Smooth, the Rhythm began in 1984 when the American Styles were split into 2 events.

American Smooth

The American Smooth division began in 1984.  Before that the American Style had been a combined event.

Theatre Arts

Champions going back to 1971

Last night we were introduced to some of the Pro-Am Champions, Pro Showdance Champions and Pro 9 and 10 Dance Champions.

Past Pro-Am Champions

All these were present last night.  If you look closely, you'll notice several of the adjudicating panel were once pro-am champions!

Past US Professional 9 and 10 Dance Champions

US 10-Dance Champions

US 9-Dance Champions

Past Professional Showdance Champions

The Showdance divisions began in 2006

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