Seattle Star Ball 2021

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Saturday in Seattle

Saturday was Smooth and Latin day here at Seattle Star Ball. There was some great dancing in the pro-am divisions.

In the evening the atmosphere in the ballroom was amazing, with great energy pouring from the audience during all the events. All four Open Professional events plus the Professional Showdance were danced this evening. Pro Ballroom was won by Anton Silantev and Olga Akopova from AZ. Pro Latin winners were Norbert Czerski & Marta Ejsmont.

Rhythm and Smooth were the biggest events. The Smooth started as a semifinal, which turned out with a very strong final of six. Winning all dances were Tykhon and Yana Zhyvkov (1111) with a solid performance. Second and third were determined by rule 11. The runners up by placing 2332 were Jang and Adele Don from Florida, leaving third to Mariusz Zakrzewski and Lynndsey Ray (3223). Each of these couples is very different in their style and was having a great night, making the judges' marks fluctuate from first through third. The second half of the final was a separate pool from the top, but nevertheless also a great competition. Fourth overall went to local favorites, Lukas Spisak and Eva Tibenska (4444). Kora Stoynova was the only adjudicator awarding them second place marks. Fifth went to Stefan Badea and Whitney Myers from CA (5555). And concluding the final by placing Sixth in all dances were Landon and Hannah Anderson. These three couples also demonstrate such different approaches to their dancing, that depending on judges’ preferences and their execution on the given night, results could vary.

Rhythm was a 6-couple final. The easy winners were Jang and Adele Don. Aaron Pierce and Anastasia Levandia from CA took second with a very solid performance. Third were the RS winners, Nicolas Rodriguez and Paulina Struk from IL. The rest of the final was in the same standing from the night before. Fourth - Joseph and Madalina Lettig. Fifth - Alex Olivares and Natalie Cardenas. Sixth- Andrius Butkus and Maria Balashova.

Sunday was all about the kids. Fun and energetic, the solo stars, one cuter than the other, took the floor first thing in the morning. So much young and absolutely raw and new talent is growing in this area. Looking forward to their growth and development.

On Saturday evening, the logo of the Ballroom screen had changed. With a new name, changing from Seattle Star Ball to Summit Dancesport on Lake Washington, this event should be one marked on the calendar for 2022 to attend.

Our congratulations to the organizers Dan Messenger, Richard and Jennifer Booth on a successful weekend, for finding such a special location to run their event. Wishing them much success for the future.

Seattle Star Ball 2021

Here we go! Arrived at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington for the Seattle Star Ball, organized by Dan Messenger, Richard and Jennifer Booth.

This absolutely gorgeous venue with its breathtaking scenic view of the lake from the lobby lounge and guest rooms, forces one to indulge oneself in the luxury of this location, sunken in nature's beauty like a jewel. Thursday evening started with some great Pre-Champ and Amateur Smooth and Rhythm events as well as the Night Club.

Friday was all about Rhythm and International Ballroom pro-ams, until the night time when all four Rising Star events took the floor one after another. Although the International Ballroom and Latin were poorly attended, Rhythm and Smooth turned out to be great competitions.

Rhythm was won by Nicolas Rodriguez and Paulina Struk, first in all dances. The following two places was a closer competition, second going to Joseph and Madalina Lettig (22323), and third to Alex Olivares and Natalie Cardenas (33232). Fourth were Andrius Butkus and Maria Balashova (4444). The Smooth was a 7-couple final. Overall winners were Lukas Spisak and Eva Tivenska from Washington (1.5 111). Sharing first place in Waltz and second overall were Stefan Badea and Whitney Myers from CA (1.5 233). Third overall were Landon and Hannah Anderson (3322). The most peculiar placements came from Cora Lyn Uczekaj, who had Joseph and Madalina first in all dances. Nevertheless, this was a great contest among all three top couples. Fourth went to Joseph and Madalina Lettig (4444). Alan and Megan LaFleur (5555). Sixth - Tyler Ryan and Samantha Swart (5555). Seventh - Devon Panko and Summer Baregi (7777).

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