NDCA National Rankings for 2023

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Being Number 1

Thursday January 25 at the City Lights Open in San Jose, California, the National Dance Council came together to celebrate the most accomplished NDCA registrants for 2023.

There was a dinner and all dressed to the nines. Most of the honorees were present for the dinner celebration. The next day, January 26 at around 8:30PM there was an award presentation from the NDCA to these registrants in the ballroom of the Marriott Downtown, San Jose, CA where the City Lights Open is taking place.

The honorees all had an impressive year on the floor and also on paper by competing in some of the hardest competitions in the USA, and by attending and supporting quite a number of the NDCA events throughout the year to qualify. The events in question are all registered by the NDCA and their new and improved “Premier” scrutineer program as “National Ranking Events.” Premier is a fairly new scrutineering and competition management program that the NDCA has developed for all their members.

Denis Rogers, Treasurer of the NDCA, was on hand to make the presentations, joined by the Organizer of City Lights Open, Anna Shahbazyan.

How do you participate in the NDCA National Rating? When you attend an NDCA event, just make sure to enter an NDCA National Rating event. You will then be awarded points for your performance - the better you do the better the rating.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the 2023 elite group of dancers:

Open Professional Ballroom: Maksym Savytskyi & Polina Riabovil

Open Professional Lain: Andriy & Amanda Besyedin

Open Professional Smooth: Travis & Jaimee Tuft

Open Professional Rhythm: Roger Romero & Arismel Naya

Open Amateur Ballroom: Andrei Cutashevskii & Anna Vasina

Open Amateur Latin: Max Firestein & Nicole Mtchedlidze

Open Amateur Smooth: Nathan Stevenson & Sabrina Bezzant

Open Amateur Rhythm: Brandon Keck & Serena Keck

Pro/Am Lady Teachers Ballroom: Inna Berlizyeva

Pro/Am Lady Teachers Latin: Elena Nesterova

Pro/Am Lady Teacher Smooth: Yuliya Sinevych

Pro/Am Lady Teacher Rhythm: Yuliya Sinevych

Pro/Am Gentleman Teacher Ballroom: Luca Balestra

Pro/Am Gentleman Teacher Latin: Andrey Tarasov

Pro/Am Gentleman Teacher Smooth: Slawek Sochacki

Pro/Am Gentleman Teacher Rhythm: Aleksandar Nashev

Pro/Am Ladies A Ballroom: Colette Marotto

Pro/Am Ladies A Latin: Celene Parragh

Pro/Am Ladies A Smooth: Elizabeth Cuevas

Pro/Am Ladies A Rhythm: Amber Haider

Pro/Am Ladies B Ballroom: Sabrina Zagolin

Pro/Am Ladies B Latin : Lindsey Keatley

Pro/Am Ladies B Smooth: Selena Steelman

Pro/Am Ladies B Rhythm: Nichelle Kennedy

Pro/Am Ladies C Ballroom: Brynda Insley

Pro/Am Ladies C Latin: Deborah Wright

Pro/Am Ladies C Smooth: Sophia D’Angelo

Pro/Am Ladies C Rhythm: Lynn Magnesen

Pro/Am Ladies SR1 Ballroom: Linda Gill

Pro/Am Ladies SR1 Latin: Beth Kaplan

Pro/Am Ladies SR1 Smooth: Sue Eldred

Pro/Am Ladies SR1 Rhythm: Robin Crockett

Pro/Am Ladies SR2 Ballroom: Linda Gill

Pro/Am Ladies SR2 Latin: Jean Lee

Pro/Am Ladies SR2 Smooth: Janet Bruttell

Pro/Am Ladies SR2 Rhythm: Leslie McLeod

Pro/Am Gentlemen A Ballroom: Multiple Contenders were tied for the lead.

Pro/Am Gentlemen A Latin: Ezra Ma

Pro/Am Gentlemen A Smooth: Multiple Contenders were tied for the lead.

Pro/Am Gentlemen A Rhythm: Adrian Kaiser

Pro/Am Gentlemen B Ballroom: Robert Bozic

Pro/Am Gentlemen B Latin: Raul Bucio

Pro/Am Gentlemen B Smooth: Michael Knight

Pro/Am Gentlemen B Rhythm: Michael Butler

Pro/Am Gentlemen C Ballroom: Hans Stork

Pro/Am Gentlemen C Latin: Scott Magnesen

Pro/Am Gentlemen C Smooth: Michael Ziecik

Pro/Am Gentlemen C Rhythm: Giovanni Fortezza

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR1 Ballroom: Jakov Kokic

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR1 Latin Scott Magnesen

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR1 Smooth Michael McCarthy

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR1 Rhythm Michael McCarthy

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR2 Ballroom Mark Eberle

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR2 Latin Richard Chiang

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR2 Smooth Michael McCarthy

Pro/Am Gentlemen SR1 Rhythm Michael McCarthy








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