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Atlanta Open 2017 - Pro Rhythm

I would like to start by congratulating Debbie Avalos, Sam Sodano and Sarwat Kaluby on such a wonderfully organized event.

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Psychology of Dance: Methods of Overcoming Emotional Stress Part I My name is Max Arkhipenko and for the last three years I have worked as a dance instructor at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Dutchess County.


Nine years ago, I never knew what the words “I Dance to Live” meant.

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Open Professional Rhythm, Manhattan Dance Championships 2017

With all due respect for the all the great new talents now emerging in the Rhythm division, including the current United States Rhythm Champions, I have one question: “Where is the influence of the masters who preceded us?

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Sleepless in Seattle?

Well you could be excused for being a little sleepless after a great night of dancing at the Seattle Star Ball last night.

The Empire Strikes a Hit!

The last night of the Empire Dance Championships struck a hit, with a major finale.

Millennium Dancesport 2017 – Professional Rhythm

Well it was an exciting night at the millennium Dancesport Competition on Professional American Rhythm night.

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"Smooth Rock" - Volunteer State!

Last night was the conclusion of the Volunteer State and the Professional Smooth rocked the last evening session keeping everyone in suspense until the results came in.

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