Up to the Challenge? Sarasota Challenge 2016

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Up to the Challenge? Sarasota Challenge 2016

Report by Keith Todd

Photography by Stephen Marino

This was my second time to attend Sid Pocius’ Sarasota Challenge held, of course, in Sarasota, Florida, and on my drive up I could only wonder if we would indeed be “up to the challenge.” This competition is a 1-day NDCA recognized event, but rumors had circulated that this year’s entry count was topping 5,000 – was it possible to dance that many entries in one day?  Well, the short answer is, “yes!”  And here’s how it was achieved.

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  • Sarasota Challenge 2015

    Sarasota Challenge – The One-Day event that could!

    Report by Keith Todd
    Photos by Dancesport Photography

    I attend very few one-day events, but I had heard great things about Sid Pocius’ one-day event in Sarasota.  So when I was invited, I was pleased to see that my calendar allowed me to go. 

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  • The Sarasota Challenge

    The Sarasota Challenge

    Report by Mayo Alanen
    Photos by Alex Rowan

    Before the Sarasota Challenge officially kicked off, we were already friends.

    The market is currently saturated with ballroom competitions that are predictable copies of each other.  It is refreshing when an organizer takes risks to make their competition unique while delivering quality essentials such as great entertainment and notable prize money.

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