Pro Am Spotlight

Pain and Passion, Glitz and Guts

By Michaela “Pinky” Puno



I’m a proud 67 year-old mother of 7. Yes, and for those who will wonder … they’re all from the same man. I’m also blessed with 15 grandchildren.  Childbirth labor 7 times was worth every tormenting contraction. Having gone through that, I knew I could overcome everything else.

How Dance Impacts the Entrepreneurial Mind

By Suki Kramer, Founder and Formulator of suki® skincare

I recently saw an interview with a one-legged Olympic skier.

She lost her leg when she was a child, and reflected on the day her mother casually handed her a pamphlet for ski camp. It was moment that changed her self-concept forever, and helped her begin to envision a future beyond recovery and the limits of her “condition.” Her mother planted quite a seed that day– enough for her to see herself not as a, “one-legged woman” but as someone who could ski…and eventually become a champion. 

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