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During my youth, I was first exposed to ballroom dancing by watching America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS.

I could say I started dancing as a child when my next door neighbor Billy and I tried to Jitterbug in my living room to music from a TV commercial, or maybe when in my teens when my brother’s crowd came over for a party in our row home basement but the girls were mad at the boys.

Pro-Am Spotlight: Debra Hoag

We all have different reasons for dancing BUT one thing we have in common is the love we feel for dance.

“Always do what you love and love what you do… Then it’s not work”. 

My dad always said that to me when I was in high school as I asked his thoughts about me pursuing a degree in Television or Engineering. My mom was pretty clear she didn’t want me to major in Broadcast Journalism because according to her, “There’s only ONE Oprah!”.

Moment of Joy and Empowerment 

This month’s Pro-Am Spotlight is the Reverend Doctor Charlene M. Proctor who tells us how to take the positive path, in the ever changing world of ballroom dancing. In 2015, she was a U.S.D.C. National Rising Star Smooth Champion and an Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Smooth Champion. Her reflections on how to manifest success while finding joy in the ballroom will help you on your own personal dance journey.  

The Girl with the Tree Tattoo “Taking My Place on the Dance Floor”

“I don’t think I belong here.” That was the dominant thought in my head as I watched the pro-am American rhythm session at the 2014 Holiday Dance Classic, held at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. It was my second competition as a pro-am ballroom student. I was there to dance American smooth at the bronze level. Smooth wasn’t until the next day, but my teacher was competing with other students in rhythm and I wanted to show my support.

ProAm Spotlight: Sophia D'Angelo

These past five years dancing and competing have been some of the most colorful, exciting, and rewarding moments in my life. I had no idea when I began a few years ago, in a small Arlington, Virginia studio with Mike Baris, that it would take off in such a fantastic way. Or that its importance to me would be so profound, or that the people I would meet would soon become considerably important to me on many levels.

“The Little Mouse Will Never Stop Searching”

This month’s Pro-Am Spotlight is one of Canada’s most successful pro-am competitors, Joanne Kay Smith, from Toronto.  Joanne’s specialty is American Smooth and together with teacher and professional partner Sharon Levitt, she has won almost all major pro-am championships in the USA including Ohio Star Ball.

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