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The Professional International Ballrooom at Ohio Star Ball 2014

Report by Kristiina Ilo
Photos by Park West

The Professional International Ballroom took place on Friday night.  Several top level couples were not in attendance as the World Championship was taking place at the same time. 

The Stars and Sparkle of Hollywood

Report by Didio Barrera
Photos by Dancesport Photography, Alex Rowan

This year’s Hollywood Dancesport Championships at the Universal Hilton, Los Angeles, California was a glamorous event of fun and entertainment and as every other year in the recent past, it is celebrated during Halloween weekend.

Embassy Ball Junior Latin 2014

Report by Ekaterina Zakharoff
Photos by Park West

Sunday daytime session was all about the youth and oh, what a delight!

Ohio Pofessional Latin Championship, Ohio Star Ball

Report by Chantal Leclerc
Photos by Park West

Ohio Star Ball is one of the few competitions in the year where you get the chance to see the top couples both in Canada and the US, in the International style division, and I was really looking forward to the Latin.  I have to say that I was disappointed.

Professional American Rhythm Review from the Ohio Star Ball 2014

Report by Albina Habrle
Photos by Park West

The Professional Rhythm at the Ohio Star Ball has always been an inspiring event to watch, and this year was even more special.

Grand Nationals Professional Smooth

Report by Bill Sparks
Photos by Dancesport Photography

5. Vadim Boldirev Karla Boldirev. I thought this couple gave a good showing but appeared to struggle in the competition with a loss of shape early on in each dance.  I would suggest working on the fundamentals of each dance and strengthening your feet and legs. You have good possibilities for the future.

Professional International Ballroom Championship

Report by Wolfgang Opitz
Photos by Dancesport Photography

1. Place Alexander Voskalchuk/Veronica Egorova (1/1/1/1/1)
2. Place Vladislav Shakhov/Ekaterina Popova (2/2/2/2/2)
3. Place Andrea Marta/ Anastasia Kazmina ( 3/3/3/3/3 )

Constitution State Challenge Dancesport Championships

Report by Susan Silva
Photos by Ryan Kenner Photography

The twenty-fifth year of the Constitution State Challenge Dancesport Championships, organized by Ron, Lee, and Christa Cote was held October 10,11,12 in Stamford, Connecticut. 

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