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By Susan Silva “COPING WITH STRESS” As I sit here and write this article, I am once again snowed in and cannot go out or do very much.  I can choose to stress over this, since there are many things I needed to accomplish or just take a deep breath and let the stress go.  As children most of us were happy when snow came, no school and we could play.  But as adults with a busy life, especially in the Ballroom Dance Industry, snow is not good.  For instance this weekend is a competition in Boston, where many people need to travel to, and may not make it because of the weather. 

Boston Cup Amateur Latin Report by Diana McDonald
Photos by Lisa Dubinsky This event started as a semi final and a very exciting one at that. Making the final and placing 6th was Stas Engelgardt & Tatiana Vasilyeva from Massachusetts (6,6,5,6,5) This couple has lots of potential but like many taller couples, they suffer from over traveling rather than working with energy in the floor to produce more core action and better balance. I’d love to be that height, don’t waste it!

Boston Cup Blends Junior & Pro-Am Report by K. Todd The Boston Cup, held Jan. 25 in Framingham, MA, was a mighty 1-Day competition that seamlessly (almost) blended all styles and levels of pro-am dancing with junior and amateur divisions.  It had 1500 entries and provided a full day of dancing beginning at 8:00 AM.

UK Open Latin Championship 2014 – Part 2 This time Allan Tornsberg tackles the UK Open Pro Latin Report by Allan Tornsberg
Photos by Andrew Miller Wow!! This year's Professional Latin competition at the United Kingdom Championship seized the spectators by the eyes and the ears and lifted us to a height above our loftiest expectations.  The overwhelming feeling was one of pulsing excitement and sparkling inspiration, from the early afternoon rounds to the exultant final.  

UK Professional Latin Championship - Part 1 By all accounts the Pro Latin at this year's UK Championships was the headline event.  So what did we do? We brought you two reports on it, by two legends of Latin, Paul Killick and Alan Tornsberg. The reports are as different as are the gentlemen.  We hope you enjoy them!

The Snow Ball 2014 Report by Chantal Leclerc,

Photos by Karin Lynn Photography In the heart of the arctic freeze that gripped the nation in January, I had a trip scheduled to sunny... Minneapolis!!  Why, would anybody leave the South in the middle of the winter?  Excellent question!  I'll give you two good reasons..........

Nashville Starz - American Style Pro Smooth Report by Jenell Maranto
Action Photos by Park West David Hamilton put on a tremendous competition.  The Nashville Starz had a very friendly and exciting atmosphere.  The American Style Smooth had a large and very high-level attendance showing a great interest in a beautiful and expressive style. Of the three rounds the six couples making the final were:

Bumper Year for Nashville Starz Report by K. Todd
Action photos by Park West With over 6,000 entries, this was certainly a bumper year for David Hamilton’s Nashville Starz, held, of course, in Nashville, TN over the weekend of January 15th.  Yet there was certainly a major challenge – the venue.  Originally scheduled for the Downtown Sheraton, David was forced to switch venues quite late in 2013 as the Sheraton announced they could no longer accommodate him, due to renovations. 

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