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Open Professional Rhythm from New York Dance Festival 2023

Before commenting on the American Rhythm competition, I must first compliment Eugene and Maria for running a first class competition from beginning to end.

  • Report by: Bob Powers
  • Photos by: Dance Production House

Open Amateur Ballroom from NYDF 2023

The New York Dance Festival is definitely one of the most important, amazing, and iconic competitions in America, attracting couples from all over the USA and the world!

  • Report by: Victor Fung
  • Photos by: Dance Production House

Open Professional Smooth from City Lights Open 2023

I had the privilege of adjudicating at the City Lights Ball in downtown San Jose at the end of January.

  • Report by: Allie Spinder
  • Photos by: Steevens Noël

Open Professional Rhythm from Platinum Dancesport 2023

The Platinum DanceSport Classic Championships was held at the Luxury Hilton Blue Lagoon Miami Hotel on February 9-11th 2023. 

  • Report by: Katia Kuznetsova
  • Photos by: MemMaurice Photography

Open Professional Latin from City Lights Open 2023

City Lights Open in San Jose, California is one of the first events in 2023 and this makes it especially exciting.

  • Report by: Babette Brown
  • Photos by: Steevens Noël

Beth Duke Takes over at Event Consultants

I am super proud to announce that Beth J. Duke is now the official CEO and Owner of Event Consultants, LLC. 

Open Professional Latin from Holiday Dance Classic 2022

The Holiday Dance Classic, organized by Sam Sodano, Wendy Johnson and Mary Murphy, once again was a spectacular ending of the competition calendar for the year.

  • Report by: Plamen Danailov
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Open Professional Ballroom from Ohio Star Ball 2022

The highlight of my trip to Columbus will always remain Friday night’s Professional Ballroom competition.

  • Report by: Charlotte Jorgensen
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography
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