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Open Professional Rhythm from Fred Astaire National Championships 2021

What an Exciting Open American Rhythm Championship this evening!

  • Report by: Nicole Carroll-Rutherford
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Open Professional Latin from the Chicago Harvest Moon Ball 2021

I will say I’m so proud to see the majority of these couples are ten dancers. LIVE STRONG GUYS!!!!!

  • Report by: Diana McDonald
  • Photos by: Alex Gilman

US Open to The World Pro/Am Latin Scholarships Championships

US “A” Latin US Open to the world Scholarship Championship

  • Report by: Didio Barrera
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Professional Ballroom from Constitution State Dancesport Championships 2021

Igor Mikushov & Valeria Belozerova (11111)  

  • Report by: Ieva Pauksena
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Harvest Moon Pro Smooth

The Harvest Moon Ball Championships, hosted by Peter Minkov and Yulia Kornilova, was held October 7-10, 2021 in Chicago.

  • Report by: Maria Hansen
  • Photos by: Alex Gilman

Open Professional Latin from Constitution State Dancesport Championships

Dancing is finally back in our area!!!

  • Report by: Boriana Deltcheva
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Open Pro Ballroom from Empire Dance Championships 2021

The Empire Dance Championship came back stronger than ever after the pandemic with the same class and elegance, a beautiful hardworking team and an amazing new location!

  • Report by: Anna Mikhed
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Amateur Latin at Embassy Ball 2021

I would like to congratulate Brian, Kristi, Gary and Jason McDonald for an incredible event.

  • Report by: Kasia Kozak
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography
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