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Youth Ballroom from Emerald Ball 2015

Report By Dasha Sushko
Photos by Mary Tweeddale & Lisa Dubinsky

The Emerald Ball Championships is one of the most prestigious competitions in United States.

USA Dance National Junior II Standard Championship

Report by Inez S. Sahlin
Photos by Ryan Kenner Photography

This event took place on Saturday night and it was a treat from the start.

USA Dance National Junior II Latin Championship

Report by Renata Shvarts
Photos by Ryan Kenner Photography

The 2015 USA Dance Amateur Junior II Latin Championship included 11 couples competing for the National Title and an opportunity to represent the United States of America in WDSF World Championship that will take place in Riga, Latvia on December 19th, 2015.

Junior Blackpool – An Overview

Report by Inna Brayer

Every year, the Junior Blackpool Dance Festival is an event you don't want to miss. Bringing in hundreds of talented kids from all around the world competing day in and day out for a chance to hear their number called for the "final round."

Five Main Reasons to Go to Blackpool Dance Festival
(the perspective of a first timer)

“I loved Blackpool! There was always great time to watch the other dancers. It felt like you earned it when you were called to the next round, even when you didn’t, you still felt great.” Lyubov Morgan

United States National Youth Ballroom Championship 2015

Report by Igor Litvinov
Photos by Todd Wakefiled, BYU Photography (unmarked)
Photos by Lumbri Photography

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Utah when the first round of  NDCA USA National Youth Ballroom Championships started. 

US National Junior II Latin Championship

Report by Diana McDonald
Photos by Todd Wakefield, BYU Photography (unmarked)
Photos by Lumbri Photography

The U.S. Junior II Latin was an amazing event with 49 couples taking the floor for the first round. The quality of these couples for this age was incredible.

NDCA United States National Junior 1 Ballroom Championship

Report by Ronen Zinshtein
Photos by Lumbri Photography

This year in the NDCA Amateur National Championships in Provo, Utah there was a very strong field of competitors in the Junior 1 Ballroom Championship.

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