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Open Professional Ballroom - Yankee Classic 2017

2017 Yankee Classic Professional Open Ballroom Christine Harvey and Paul Holmes discuss the event, a World Masters Title 1st place Alexander Voskalchuk &Veronika Egorova (1/1/1/1/1)Paul
  • A chance to help wheelchair patients with dancing

    A chance to help wheelchair patients with dancing Longtime pro-am competitor, Kay Ford explains. I would like to share the opportunity to support our Michigan wheelchair family with the Dance
  • Healthy Danciing - Breathing Part I

    Breathing and its relationship with muscle activity. Today I would like to talk about breathing. Perhaps you were thinking: "why is it hard for us to dance, there is not enough air?" Strength
  • Emerald Ball 2017 - Pro Smooth

    Emerald Ball 2017 – Professional Smooth Dance for the Love of Dance - A couple years ago I found my soul mate JT Thomas. With her I came to enjoy learning this amazing form of movement called

Pro-Am Spotlight, Lisa Lowery

Pro-Am Spotlight - Lisa Lowery Ballroom Dancing: An Accidental Discovery of Self, Love, and Happiness Although I have been a student of dance (ballet and jazz) most of my life, strangely enough I
  • Pro-Am Spotlight, Joan Goddard

    Pro-Am Spotlight, Joan Goddard Many years ago in the land beyond the pines a little girl fell in love with dance... I started ballet at age eight, along with piano, ice skating, swimming… you
  • Pro-Am Spotlight, Jill Bradford

    Dance Beat Pro Am Spotlight: Jill Bradford Jill Bradford, noted pro-am ballroom competitor in her own words. My life outside of dance … I am an Engineer and work full time on an aircraft jet
  • Pro-Am Spotlight: Madison Stribling

    During my youth, I was first exposed to ballroom dancing by watching America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS. After the program finished, I remember telling my mom how much I would love to try it

Coming soon: Healthy Dancing by Oleksandr

DanceBeat is excited to announce our new upcoming column written by Oleksandr Kamniev, MD who also happens to be an IDSA World Champion 2014, EDSF European Champion 2015, coach, trainer and certified
  • The Making of Mrs. Paul Holmes

    The Making of Mrs. Paul Holmes Tell me about how and when you got started in fashion design? Fuki: Fashion design is who I always was.   Did you study it? Fuki: I finished fashion
  • Ruby Castro on So You Think You Can Dance

    We would like to congratulate our very own, Ruby Castro, on an amazing accomplishment on this season of So You Think You Can Dance. Ruby finished 6th place on the live show from thousands of dancers
  • Boston Ready to Host World Championships:

        Boston Ready to Host World Championships: Columbus Day Weekend 2016 Boston, MA – Since the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) has approved bids from competition organizers in Boston, MA to

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