Pro Am Spotlight

Pro-Am Spotlight – Renee Kuwahara

Dancing … When approached about writing this piece, I thought to myself “who would want to read about my life and the factors that led me into the ballroom dance world?”

Pro-Am Spotlight – Lynn Murrell

Ten little known facts about Lynn Murrell:


Nine years ago, I never knew what the words “I Dance to Live” meant.

Pro-Am Spotlight - Lisa Lowery

Ballroom Dancing: An Accidental Discovery of Self, Love, and Happiness

Pro-Am Spotlight, Joan Goddard

Many years ago in the land beyond the pines a little girl fell in love with dance...

Dance Beat Pro Am Spotlight: Jill Bradford

Jill Bradford, noted pro-am ballroom competitor in her own words.

During my youth, I was first exposed to ballroom dancing by watching America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS.

I could say I started dancing as a child when my next door neighbor Billy and I tried to Jitterbug in my living room to music from a TV commercial, or maybe when in my teens when my brother’s crowd came over for a party in our row home basement but the girls were mad at the boys.

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