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Dance Beat Team

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SFO Concludes with a Bang

The Ball at San Francisco Open concluded Sunday night with some of the USA’s best dancers on display in various styles and divisions.

Wind Brings Great Dancing!

The wind at the Windy City Open brought great dancing to the final evening of competition.

Open Amateur Ballroom from NYDF 2018

The Saturday night at NYDF 2018 was a night to remember! The unique atmosphere of the beautiful historic Roosevelt hotel in the heart of Manhattan, the unbelievable audience, responsive to the slightest move and great music throughout the evening, it all created the most friendly and encouraging environment for the competitors of that night to dance their hearts out.

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Open Professional Ballroom from NYDF 2018

What a great pleasure to be able to be at an event with such a high level of Professional competitors in a beautiful Ballroom, immersed in an exciting atmosphere.

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NYDF 2018, Open Amateur Latin

First of all, I would like to congratulate the organizers of NYDF Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova for creating such a unique, special and inspiring event that is fast turning into one of the highlights of the year.

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The Latin Rhythms!

The last night at the Tristate DanceSport Championships was all about the Latin rhythms with the inspiring Amateur Latin and the Professional Rhythm Championships running back to back.

NYDF Open Professional Smooth 2018

Congratulations to Eugene & Maria on another successful NYDF.  Great location, great dancing, great people and a must event to attend!  

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Mistakes or 'Why am I doing that?”

“Why am I doing that again and again?” I hear these words every day. I see frustration, disappointment and even anger on the faces of my students. It’s sad because ‘nil novi sub luna’ (nothing is new under the moon). Mistakes are a necessary part of any educational or growing process.

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