USA Dance Nationals Continues!

The USA Dance Nationals progressed into its 2nd day yesterday. The daytime sessions were filled with adult and junior medalist divisions and in the evening we progressed to the championship levels.

I’ll Have a Slice Please!

There is nothing more annoying than to go to a pizza place ask for a slice and they give you a pot pie! Last night was the finale for the Tri-State Championships and it concluded with the “Best of the Best” competition but on the professional level, the four styles’ champions were invited to perform a solo of their choice all but the Professional Show Dance, I supposed that is not really a style that is just an add on! That’s what I tried to explain to Travis & Jaimee Tuft who won that division and who sounded a little disappointed to not be invited.  Had they danced the outcome of that event might have been a little different.

A night of “Fantasia”

The last night of the United States Amateur Championships was like a night at “Fantasia,” the twinkling lights (cell phones) produced by the audience during the Viennese Waltz of the US Amateur Ballroom was as magical as the “Fantasia” movie, and as the couples danced to the 1,2,3 the audience waved from side to side giving us all a magical moment that could only be reproduced at BYU on a packed night at the Marriot Center in Provo, Utah.

Vegas Open Ends with a Strong 3

Vegas Open ended last night with 3 strong professional open events, 2 of them in doubt concerning the result until the end of each dance.

“Amores Perros”

Translation: “Love Dogs.” It is very difficult to translate this from a “love” language like Spanish, and it is the only way it can really be described is as a passion, a seduction, a love and the carnivorous desire that Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff served on the floor last night at the Heritage Classic.

It’s all in the Pants!

Yesterday at the New York Dance Festival the evening concluded with some excellent events, the Professional Ballroom and the Amateur Latin were terrific to say the least. In the past year we have noticed a very strange trend, some boys with good height and a tall build tend to look as if they have very short legs and during the Amateur Latin last night we finally had an epiphany!

A “Classique” Ending!

Last night there was a typical “Classique” ending to La Classique Du Quebec, with standing room only Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova performed what we consider to be one of the best shows we have seen from a ballroom couple and crowned World Professional Ballroom Champions.

Platinum Warms Up!

Saturday things warmed up in Miami. The outside temperature moved back into the ‘70’s and in the ballroom at Platinum Dancesport, the open professional divisions were on display.

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