Crown Cup Dubai 2023

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A Whole New World!

Don’t you dare close your eyes, a thousand things to see here in Dubai!

Hold your breath - it gets better all while dancing under the endless diamond sky. This was the wonderful feeling last night at the farewell party on the beach for the Crown Cup Dubai where we danced, drank and ate to our hearts’ content.

The competition was a two-day affair with excellent pro/am dancing from start to finish, and couples participating from all over the world. It truly made this event an international affair.

The Ajman hotel is a perfect setting for the competition where competitors can finish dancing and go to the beautiful pool or even a dip in the sea and if you just want to pamper yourself, the spa in the hotel would take care of that, all within reach.

The evening Pro/Am Championships were not only of great quality but full semifinal and final rounds took place in all divisions and with such excellent quality the judges had to keep their eyes and minds very focused.

It is always great to attend the Crown Cup events they are a complete experience. The organizers are very attentive to the needs of all competitors and everyone attending their events. And the resort is a perfect combination of vacation time and dance competition. Plenty of the attendees were staying a few more days to experience Dubai’s beautiful architecture or even try a desert get away.

This was not a magic carpet ride, but when you come to Dubai don’t you dare close your eyes! A hundred thousand (and one) things to see, great music and terrific atmosphere for dance.

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