The Power of Beauty by Boyko

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The Power of Beauty by Boyko 

I have spent many years in the Ballroom Industry, once as a dancer, and now as a beauty stylist. My belief centers around the notion that Ballroom Dancing is a combination of both sport and art. Sport is of course the competitive part, where couples strive for success on the floor, and the art focuses on the overall look of the dancers. After my career as a competitive dancer, I chose to work with art and beauty. A huge component in the outcome for dancers depends heavily on the overall image of the couple. First impressions are everything after all! From the moment a couple steps onto the floor the presentation of their look is being judged by adjudicators and the spectators alike.  In my opinion, fashion does not exist on the floor, rather it is created and individualized by those who are portraying an image. When it comes to dancers, I’ve worked with all levels of expertise, from the very beginner novice stages to world champion professionals. However, success is not about the level of experience. It is all about how a person feels and what style they want to portray. The question is, how will this pristine image be presented on the floor? 
In my first column I want to talk about hair styles and flexibility. For example, I will take the top two International Latin professionals with whom I have worked with since the beginning of my career. The first is Yulia Zagoruychenko. Yulia and I have had a lot of communication over the years, and as a result, many different hair styles. We’ve come up with a different hair style for almost every competition. When it comes to the overall look, Yulia is very flexible. She is comfortable with variety and is willing to be bold with her style. In fact, changing hair styles has even inspired her to invent characters on the floor. 
On the other hand, we have Daria Chesnokova (a.k.a. Dasha). Throughout the time we have worked together we have only worked with two hair styles. Dasha’s "go to" look has always been a signature American Latin hair style - a middle part and low bun. A dancer can never go wrong with this look. This classic style will never go out of fashion. However, for years I have tried to convince Dasha to open up to different styles, to try something new, but she did not feel comfortable. It wasn’t until 2015 when Dasha dared to go outside of her comfort zone for the team match of Blackpool Dance Festival. I convinced her to try her hair half up and half down. Since then, this has become her second signature look, and has actually started a trend. Many dancers now wear their hair like this as well. For Dasha, trying this new style brought her to a new level, and started a new personality for her on the floor. 
These are two very different examples of look and style. One is flexible, being able to portray various characters on the floor, and the other is consistent with one or two strong signature looks.  Neither is right or wrong, it simply comes down to the dancer looking and feeling their best! The most important factor when on the floor is to know who you are, and to present the style you want to present. The whole package needs to be strong, clean, polished, and professional. This is not to say the look has to be done by professionals, but the overall look has to come together one-hundred percent.  
I look forward to continuing this column. Here I will discuss many topics regarding “the look” of Ballroom Dancing. I would like to share my experience and offer tips for you to achieve your best image in the floor. I am happy to answer any questions you may gave. Please feel free to write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Report by:: Boyko Ivanov

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