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Special Hotel Manners for Dancers

Who knew we need our own special manners for hotels?

While unpacking my bag, a housekeeper knocked on the door. (Of course I didn't need service as I just arrived and was unpacking.) I greeted the lady to say thank you that I just checked and in and didn't need anything at this time. Well... she had a special item for me. Make-up remover wipes. They were accompanied by a special letter on behalf of the hotel.

The hotel management acknowledged that while wearing make-up for dancers is a part of the activity, guests should not leave make-up stained towels. Hence the special delivery of make- up remover wipes to not only me but everyone registered in the hotel for the ballroom competition.

That special letter also had a special list. The fee that would be charged for each and every stained cloth or towel was clearly printed on that list. In this case not being a good guest would result in your being billed for those towels.

Travel to competition events generally involves staying one or more nights in a hotel. I personally feel that I am a pretty good guest. My short list would include:

-Being polite to all hotel staff always
-Gratuity for housekeepers
-Not leaving the bath area or the room in a mess.

Now I have the no towel stain to add  my list.....

Safe travels!

"I not only use all of the brains I have, but all that I can borrow."
Woodrow Wilson 


  • Report by:: Cher Rutherford

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