Colorado Star Ball 2017

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A Show of Champions!

Last night at Colorado Star Ball was certainly a show of champions!

US Champions to be precise! We saw in performance the US National and World Champions in both Rhythm and Smooth. Nazar Norov & Iryna Kudryashova and Nick Cheremukhin & Viktorija! The audience were at times stunned to silence and at others wildly enthusiastic as these two great couples changed the moods between their dances. It was an incredible showcase of dancing and a great tribute to the American styles of dancing. Congratulations to them and to organizers, Richard & Jennifer Booth for bringing it all together!

We did learn after the show that Nazar was injured during the 3rd dance (swing) but performed the two remaining dances anyway. Nobody noticed that anything was amiss.

Also dancing last night were the Open Professional Divisions in Smooth and Latin and the Rising Star in Ballroom and Rhythm.

Open Professional Smooth

1.  Enzo Zappia & Stephanie Betts;  2.  Morten Jensen & Ashley Mokris;  3.  Scott Koogle & Faith Wailes;  4.  Timmy Merz & Rachel Carter

The pro-am Open Scholarships in the Rhythm were also danced.

On Sunday the Open Professional Rhythm and Ballroom were quite strong.  The results were:

Open Professional Rhythm

1.  Ilya Velednitsky & Mariya Ilchenko; 2. Alexander Zarek & Julia Vaysfeld; 3. Christopher Wayne & Juanita Simanekova; 4. Daniele Cavallo & Leela Fazzouli; 5th Tudor Alexander & Sonya Petkova; 6. Daniel Lee Tran & Denielle Rayzberg; 7. Mitchel & Bobbie Kibel; 8. Leonard Thurman & Sarah Scott

Open Professional Ballroom

1.  Iaroslav & Lilia Bielial; 2. Stefano & Bianka DiBrino; 3. Igor Colac & Roxanne Milotti; 4. Timmy Merz & Rachel Carter

Sunshine, Mountains and Good Cheer!

The Colorado Star Ball 2017 is living up to its reputation as a friendly and fun competition.

Richard & Jennifer Booth’s Colorado Star Ball is always one of the friendliest events I attend on the competition circuit. This year 80 degree weather and blue skies are the norm for those that want to take in the mountain scenery and even from the ballroom that scenery is evident as this is one of the few competition venues with a view outside.

So far the pro-ams have competed in 2 styles – Smooth and Latin. In the Smooth the winner of the Open C Scholarship was Dana Voight w/ Randy Wilson 2,1,1,1. Winning waltz but taking 2nd overall was Susan Haynes w/ Gary McIntyre 1,2,2,2. 3rd in all dances was Dee Iannone w/ Derek Pasqualetto. Susan & Gary moved up to 1st position in the Open B, placing 1,1,2,1. 2nd went to Melissa Loble w/ David Moon 2,2,1,2 and 3rd to Charlie Carboneau w/ Kelly Bartlett 4,3,3,3. Jessica Mancini w/ Golden Parker won all dances in the Open A Scholarship. 2nd in all went to Zlata Clark w/ David Moon and 3rd in all to Gary Holmes w/ Dawn Mersich.

Only 1 professional event has been danced so far and that is the RS Pro Smooth, a 7-couple final. The winners were Enzo Zappia & Stephanie Betts. 2nd went to Morten Jensen & Ashley Mokris and 3rd was

The nightclub session was themed around “Comicon” and costumes were encouraged. Today’s daytime session is themed “summer wear” and some, especially MC Mark Brock, took this to heart!

  • Colorado 2017, A Show of Champions!

    Colorado, A Show of Champions!

    The highlight of this year’s Colorado Star Ball was undoubtedly the show on Saturday night.

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  • A Hero’s Welcome to the Big 20!

    A Hero’s Welcome to the Big 20! Colorado Star Ball 2016


    This year it was the big 20th celebration for the Colorado Star Ball, and organizers Richard and Jennifer Booth went all the way out to make it a major celebration. Two World Professional Champions were invited to perform, World Professional Ballroom Champions, Arunas Bizukas & Katusha Demidova and World Professional Latin Champions, Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko.

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