Greenville Ballroom Challenge 2016

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Amateur Haven: Greenville Ballroom Challenge 2016

The 2016 edition of the Greenville Ballroom Challenge was hosted by the able bodied trio of Eddie Ares, Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Clement Joly. The entire competition was first class. This year’s theme was of a Jungle motif. Our master of ceremonies Vince “The Voice” Bailey was at his usual excellence.

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  • Report by:: Keith E. Gardenhire
  • Let’s talk about that O1 Visa

    Let’s talk about that O1 Visa

    In the 2015 United States National Championships - Open and Rising Star Professional events - there were over 70 professionals who were at that time on the O-1B visa.

    Today, most ballroom dancers and dance teachers who are from outside the United States came here legally under the non-immigrant visa category of O-1 which is for individuals who have demonstrated “extraordinary abilities”. As many of you are already aware, changes by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) in regard to the O1 are having a serious impact on our industry.  We understand that it is not just our industry, but all O1’s.  But the changes are taking a drastic toll on the dance industry.*

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  • Sizzling in the Snow! The Snow Ball 2016

    Sizzling in the Snow!The Snow Ball 2016

    Report by Keith Todd

    Photography by Ryan Kenner

    This was my first ever visit to Donna Edelstein’s Snow Ball, held in Minneapolis, MN on the first weekend of January. It was also my first competition of the 2016 season. Keeping the event true to its name, the weather gods turned on the snow for my arrival and it was steadily snowing as I left the airport.

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