B.A.S.E. - Body for Artistic Standards of Excellence

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B.A.S.E = Body for Artistic Standards of Excellence

PRESS RELEASE - Five members of the now dissolved WDC Coaches Commission wish to continue their excellent constructive work and have reformed in a new group called BASE (Body for Artistic Standards of Excellence).

The body is a fully independent organization that will focus exclusively on maintaining and furthering the highest Standards for Ballroom and Latin Dance. BASE has been formed by five members of the former commission, them being Loraine Barry, Carmen, Hazel Fletcher, Denise Weavers and Kenny Welsh.

The body proposes to meet several times a year around major UK competitions to discuss and make constructive comment and recommendations. Their findings will be published on various websites and media outlets to ensure transparency and provoke debate on the continual artistic improvement of Ballroom and Latin Dance.

The inaugural body has expanded to include other specialists within the field of Ballroom and Latin dancing namely Caterina Arzenton, Michael Barr, Alison Fulham,

Hans Galke, Janet Gleave, Jukka Haapalainen, Lynn Harman, Colin James, Nicola Nordin, Stephen Hillier MBE and as special consultants Peter Eggleton, Richard Gleave

OBE, Evelyn Hoermann, Anthony Hurley, Meryem Pearson and Espen Salberg.



Overall the International had produced a wonderful show of dancing with some very dexterous dancers. The event was very well attended and the week had been very enjoyable.

It was appreciated that judges had more time to judge this year, with less couples having to be brought back per heat during the early selection rounds in Brentwood for qualification to the Albert Hall.


B.A.S.E. is pleased to note that some of the shoe designers are now producing shoes that have chrome padded heel tips and shoes that do not contain nails in the heels. Dancers are advised to contact their shoe designers for more information as B.A.S.E. is concerned at the increased use of plastic heel protectors. Plastic heel protectors prevent the heel from swiveling on the floor, thus preventing the correct actions of the dance being used.

B.A.S.E. felt that there was generally too much physicality in the dances, also that there were too many emotions and expressions being choreographed and would like to see and feel sincere emotions coming from the heart.


B.A.S.E. noted that the posture in the Ballroom section had improved slightly. There had also been fewer heads on partner’s shoulders, which was an improvement. Some of the top Ballroom couples would, however, benefit from improving their floorcraft.

There was also some room for improvement in the footwork and foot shaping of a number of the amateur ladies.

B.A.S.E. felt that there was also room for more improvement with regard to the gentlemen’s tail suits and it was hoped that there would be a return to the more traditional style of dress, which was far smarter and enhanced the dancing. Check the B.A.S.E. Facebook page for photographs to inspire your style of dress.


B.A.S.E. noted that there were a number of individuals who were standing out, along with an improvement in the usage of both feet and the shaping of the leg behind the body.

B.A.S.E. was pleased to see that in some rounds there was a noted reduction in the number of couples stopping, posing and creating too much drama. There were, however, still some couples spending too long in a line or a pose.

Dancing through the hip or the smallest movement in a standing leg can attract the judges’ attention. Energy can be created in the body without having to be physical.

B.A.S.E. felt that it should be pointed out that winking at the judges is not appreciated. Judges want to be impressed by quality dancing, improving movement, respect for your partner and other couples. Create emotion for the onlooker – let the judges feel the emotion.

B.A.S.E. agrees that in Rumba ladies should dance the correct technique of a Back Walk taking weight on the Left foot on 4 prior to a Back basic. Stepping on the "1" beat is incorrect. B.A.S.E. noticed some ladies seemed to be copying a trend of rising on step 3 of the Open Hip Twist in Rumba and would like to remind dancers that there is no rise in Rumba.

B.A.S.E. is very pleased to note that there have been improvements made to some of the points raised in previous B.A.S.E. reports.

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