Food for Thought - Columbus, OH

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Food for Thought – Columbus, OH

Well, it's that time of the year again, Ohio Star Ball!!! Welcome to the 2nd best food city in the Midwest outside of Chicago.

Here's a comprehensive list of my favorite restaurants for those who wish to eat out.

My favorite restaurant is The Refectory. A converted church, it has the best food, service and ambience in the city. The French inspired dishes are so artistic, you just want to admire it for a while before you dive in. It is about a 15-minute drive from the Hyatt.

My 2nd favorite is right down the street, The Guild House, a modern restaurant with an eclectic American menu.

Of course there are 2 wonderful place right across the street, Martini and for steak lovers, Hyde Park.

If you want to take a 10-minute drive to Germantown, there are 2 “top 10 places,” G. Michael's Bistro & Bar and Lindey's. Both excellent!

2 great surprises in the top 10 that are walking distance are Wolf's Ridge Brewing and surprisingly in the Hilton Hotel, Gallerie Bar & Bistro, and you don't even have to go outside.

There are many more just on High Street including a wonderful inexpensive Mideast place Brassica and also the North Market for a fun, casual time with many ethnic restaurants inside.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Report by:: Mark Brock

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