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Cher Rutherford continues her column on etiquette for the ballroom dancer.

Good idea or bad idea for a competitor to go speak to an adjudicator at a competition event in regards to their competition results?

I've written on the topic in the past. I received a recent special request from an adjudicator. They would like another mention on this subject. 

Why? Because they were approached in a hostile and unmannerly way by someone feeling very unhappy with their professional competition results. This is a very bad approach and probably won't end with warm, fuzzy feelings for anyone involved in the conversation. 

The big issues are:
1.Speaking to an adjudicator while unhappy and most likely not getting a response that will produce happiness.
2.The conversation cannot change your results. (Check your NDCA handbook for specifics.)

I really feel it is not a good idea to ever approach a judge with evaluation questions and never did as a competitor. I would not put myself or the official in an awkward position.

No checking of the scores ... ever!

John Bridges wrote the book: How To Be A Gentleman 
"When a gentleman has been subjected to a conscious insult, either in public or private, his response is simple: because he is a gentleman, he says nothing at all."


  • Report by:: Cher Rutherford

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