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Professional Ballroom at Millennium Dancesport

Report by Loraine Barry
Photos by Mary Tweeddale

The Millennium Professional Ballroom Championships took place in Tampa, Florida.  It was a wonderful event with top professional dancers eager to dance in the exquisite setting of the “4 elements” created by Mr. Michael Chapman.

The Golden Treatment!
American Star Ball

Report by Didio Barrera
Photos by TimeLine Media

This year’s American Star Ball headed by Ilya and Amanda Reyzin was held for its second year in a row at the Golden Nugget and as I mentioned on our blog, by the time the competition began, it was completely sold out. 

British Open Professional Latin Grand Final 2014

Report by Eugene Katsevman
Photos by Andrew Miller

When asked to comment on this year’s British Open Professional Latin Championship, my first reaction was to decline.

Savannah Dance Classic 2014

Report & Photos by Keith E. Gardenhire

The Savannah Dance Classic was an intimate cozy ballroom dance competition hosted by Mark Brock and David Medeiros. 

Vilnius “on the fly!”

Report by Keith Todd

When Arunas Bizokas asked me if I could judge his event, The Vilnius Dance Festival, my first impulse was to decline because my schedule did not seem to allow for it.  But on closer evaluation I realized that I could make it, albeit for only one day. 

Amateur Ballroom at Blackpool

Report by Giampiero Giannico
Photos by Andrew Miller

Blackpool professional finalist, Giampiero Giannico reviews the 2014 Open British Amateur Ballroom Championships from Blackpool

Professional Smooth at Atlanta Open

Report by Pat Traymore
Photos by Park West

When Keith Todd asked me to write the American Smooth at Atlanta Open, I silently said inside of me “Oh no” because some of the American Smooth has gone so way out that if you didn’t hear the music, you wouldn’t recognize the dance.

Blackpool Exhibition Review

Report by Margaret Burns
Photos by Mark Gadsden


Eight couples were invited to compete this year at the prestigious Blackpool Invitational Exhibition Competition. One couple from Russia, one couple from Canada, two couples from South Africa and four couples from the United States.

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