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By Susan Silva “AFFECTING ETERNITY” ETERNITY- A word that many of us do not really think about, especially in our busy ballroom dance schedules.  Yet Eternity exists, whether we understand it or not, and we can affect it with decisions we make in our own lives.  Many famous people, like inventors, doctors, scientists, builders, educators, ministers, astronauts, and dancers have affected eternity and life on planet earth.  So what is Eternity?  Looking into the famous Webster’s dictionary some definitions are: “state of being eternal; Eternal=infinite in duration, having no beginning or end, timeless”.   

US National Amateur Latin Championship Report by Katatzyna Kozak
Action photos by Laura Johnson Photography What an amazing competition! From the opening ceremony all the way to the end of the event the atmosphere in the ballroom was just electric. These young dancers were simply spectacular. It was truly a pleasure to watch them and to judge them.

Open Professional Smooth at Vegas Open Report by Toni Redpath
Action photos  by Chis Hansen Photography On an opening note, the Vegas Open Dance Challenge was a wonderful event and the organizers Mikal, Maria and Paul go out of their way to make sure that everybody involved had a terrific time during the entire competition. I want to congratulate them in running yet another successful event.

US National Amateur Standard Championships Report by Urs Geisenhainer
Action Photos by Laura Johnson Photography Provo, is for me the best place to hold this event. The venue was filled with an enthusiasm that vibrated from the dance savvy, knowledgeable crowd. Combine this with the event’s first-class organizers, officials, and the fantastic convention center at BYU, this year’s Championship again provided another outstanding atmosphere for dance!

“Spring” It On!
ABC US National Amateur Championships Report by Didio Barrera
Action photography by Laura Johnson Photography This year the American Ballroom Company’s US National Amateur Championships excelled in the Open Latin division and with perfect weather outside this venue in Provo, Utah also became a heavenly paradise for lovers of some spring time in the  snowy Rocky Mountains.

Professional Open Ballroom - St. Louis Star Ball Report by Stephen Hannah
Photos by Decadance Photography From a judging point of view, we have to judge many different levels. Timing, posture, partnership, rhythmic qualities, masculine, feminine, lead and follow. This is not all but some of the main points that could very well decide the outcome in final placings. There were Very different styles on show in this final, each couple having very distinctive styles to be assessed.

Vegas Open Comes of Age Report by Keith Todd
Action Photography by Chris Hansen Photography I believe I have attended every Vegas Open (or Vegas Showdown as it was originally named) since its inception.  This year I believe the event came of age!  It was larger than it has ever been with about 6,500 entries, but it is not only the entry count that measures a competition in my view. 

United Kingdom Open Professional Rising Star Latin-American Championship 2014 Report by Timothy Palmer
Photos by Andrew Miller The ‘Windsor Hall’ at the Bournemouth International Centre is a spacious venue with audience-friendly banked seating, so I was always certain of getting a good view of the proceedings at this cutting-edge, talent-rich, must see Professional Latin American Rising Star event on the first night of the United Kingdom Open Championships.

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