USA Dance Nationals Youth Standard Championship

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USA Dance National Youth Standard Championship

By Ronen Zhinstein
Photos by Carson Zullinger

This Year, at the 2014 USADANCE Nationals in Baltimore, there were a lot of new faces, new couples, and it felt as if our generation was starting to mold excellence at its youth.

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  • September 2006 - A Look Back (Part 2)

    September 2006 - A Look Back (Part 2)

    We continue our look back at September 2006 with our overall article from the USDC that appeared in this edition. Also covered were some of the individual reports from the 2006 USA Dance Nationals, held in San Jose, CA that year.

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  • Peter Pover Passes

    Peter Pover, former 2-time President of USA Dance Passes.

    PETER POVER passed away quietly in Hospice on Monday May 13, 2019 after having suffered a brain aneurysm a week earlier; Ida, his wife of 15 years, was at his side.

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