Aie, Aie, Aie Puerto Rico!

And now with the taste of Puerto Rico on your lips and now as you are about to depart; the “agua salada” lie the tears of an island caressing your face, remind you of the beautiful beaches and the scent of the mountains.

Paragon - A Festival of Fun and Dance!

Every year Paragon is a celebration of life, we all have fun and everyone dances to their hearts’ content.

From Bavaria to Miami! The Grand Nationals 2023!

Where can you travel from the beer halls of Bavaria to tropical Miami without leaving your seat?

The USA’s Longest Running Competition

Running for over 70 years, the Harvest Moon Ball, now the Chicago Harvest Moon Ball, is the USA’s longest running dance competition.


We are coming to the end of our trip to the Hawai’i Star Ball in Honolulu, Hawai’i, and it’s once again a time to reflect on this beautiful location on earth and the great times one has had competing, dancing, surfing, or just being with the spirit of “Aloha.”

Rule 11 in the Smooth!

There were not many changes on the last night of the United States Championships.

Latin was on Fire! Two Burnt!

The last night and finale to the Embassy Ball was terrific, the Open Professional Latin set up from the beginning a magical night of Latin American Dancing.

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