David_HamiltonDavid Hamilton (United States)

I started my dance career at the age of 18 during my last semester of high school. Planning to go to college and major in music the dancing began. I laid the instruments down and haven't stopped since. Now 35 years later, and I'm still going I see an endless career in our industry. I have seen our industry grow beyond what I ever expected it to and am very proud of what it has become.  I'd like to hope that I had a very small part of it.

I have been very fortunate to travel the world, meet a lot of great people and can honestly say I love what I do. Competition dancing was everything to me. I wanted from day one to be called and recognized as a great dancer and hopefully a US Champion. I obtained my goal with a lot of persistency, dedication and determination. I don't see how anyone could obtain any goal without those pertinent things. I had many partners over the period of time and competed in every style at one point. I just wanted to keep on dancing so I took up every opportunity that came my way. I settled in Los Angeles in 1986 and lived and competed up to the last days there.  I finally in 1993 came back to my roots and competed the last 7 years of my career in American Smooth where I was crowned the US Champion in 1995 with Teresa Shiry and then again in 1997 and 1998 with Olga Foraponova. We also are World Showdance finalist of 3 times.  For several years the American Style couples represented the US in World Competition and just felt so lucky at that time that we got to do that.  I retired in 1998 for these girls I danced with needed to get on with their lives and start their families. Although I wanted to go another year or so with Olga, it was necessary for her to move on.

Life today as we know it is very busy. Its time to serve now. It is now time to take care of everyone else. Coaching, judging and running my studio keeps me very committed. I own the Nashville Starz Ballroom Dance Championships in Nashville where I now reside. It is great being home in Nashville.  I have a loving family who I so enjoy being around.  All those years of competing and traveling takes you away for a long time from home and other important things in life so it's great now being around them all. Im sure our paths will cross one day and hopefully so.  Until then keep at it, be persistent and never loose the love for dance.

David Hamilton
3 times US Champion.


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Facebook: David Hamilton

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