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Colorado Hits 8 K!

The Colorado Star Ball this year hit over 8 thousand entries, this was an incredible success for Richard & Jennifer Booth who have been at the helm of this comp from the start.

  • Report by: Didio Barrera
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Yankee Classic Open Professional American Rhythm

Yankee Classic Dancesport had four very exciting open professional competitions on Saturday night. For me the Smooth and Rhythm events were the stronger ones.

  • Report by: Inna Ivanenko
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Open Amateur Latin Miami Vibe 2018

Miami Vibe is always a great competition and well attended, even with couples from Europe. No exception this year when the Amateur Latin had an 11-couple semifinal.

  • Report by: Helle Rusholt-Yi
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Open British Professional Latin Championship 2018

This year I attended Blackpool Dance Festival for the 22nd time in a row. I still look forward to it every year and always enjoy it immensely, this year’s festival being no exception.

  • Report by: Eugene Katsevman
  • Photos by: Decadance Photography, Tony Eng

Image of a dance couple or battles of temperaments Part II

In my opinion, there are five main criteria for estimating the emotional-feeling component of a dancer or a couple - Aggressiveness, Sensuality, Sensitivity, Sexuality and Openness.

  • Report by: Maxim Arkhipenko

Professional Cabaret from Yankee Classic 2018

The Yankee Classic Championships always has a good level of dancing in both the professional and pro/am divisions.

  • Report by: Edward Simon
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

The People's Choice 2018

"A wonderful event, best ever, it was fantastic!"  

  • Report by: Chantal Leclerc
  • Photos by: Action photos by Park West

Open Pro Smooth from Yankee Classic 2018

It’s always a pleasure to judge the Yankee Classic, courtesy of John & Cathie Nyemchek.

  • Report by: Wendy Johnson
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography
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