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The People's Choice 2018

"A wonderful event, best ever, it was fantastic!"  

  • Report by: Chantal Leclerc
  • Photos by: Action photos by Park West

Open Pro Smooth from Yankee Classic 2018

It’s always a pleasure to judge the Yankee Classic, courtesy of John & Cathie Nyemchek.

  • Report by: Wendy Johnson
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Open British Professional American Rhythm Championship

I am very happy to say that his was the second year that the American Style Rhythm competition was held in Blackpool during the Blackpool Dance Festival.

  • Report by: Cher Rutherford
  • Photos by: Decadance Photography, Tony Eng

British Open 2018 Amateur Championship

Giampiero Giannico reviews the top six couples in the Open Amateur Ballroom

  • Report by: Giampiero Giannico
  • Photos by: Decadance Photography, Tony Eng

Open British Professional Ballroom Championship 2018

There were considerable speculations in the days preceding this year’s event.

Open British Amateur Latin Championship 2018

It is always a pleasure and interesting to be asked to do a report on one of the major championships, especially Blackpool.

  • Report by: Phillip Nicholas
  • Photos by: Decadance Photography, Tony Eng

Open Professional Ballroom from Emerald Ball 2018

I want to congratulate Wayne & Donna Eng for another outstanding Emerald Ball. The energy and atmosphere was amazing – beautiful, elegant ballroom with high level competitors made Emerald Ball a perfect competition.

  • Report by: Iveta Pauryte Faraci
  • Photos by: Mary Tweeddale and Charles Ryder Photography

Blackpool 2018 - Professional Open Smooth Competition Review

Overall Event Impressions.

  • Report by: Michael Mead & Toni Redpath
  • Photos by: Decadance Photography, Tony Eng
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