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Mistakes or 'Why am I doing that?”

“Why am I doing that again and again?” I hear these words every day. I see frustration, disappointment and even anger on the faces of my students. It’s sad because ‘nil novi sub luna’ (nothing is new under the moon). Mistakes are a necessary part of any educational or growing process.

  • Report by: Maxim Arkhipenko

Open Professional Ballroom from Platinum Dancesport 2018

It was my absolute honor and a pleasure to officiate at such a wonderful event, Platinum Dancesport Classic was better than ever this year.

  • Report by: Rita Gekhman Algarra
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Open Professional Latin from NYDF 2018

For me the 2018 NYDF Professional Latin event was the clear standout event of the festival.

  • Report by: Klaus Kongsdal
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

Open Pro Smooth from Platinum Dancesport 2018

There was no better place to be than Miami in February!

  • Report by: Amy Anderson
  • Photos by: Ryan Kenner Photography

A Bright Light of Talent at City Lights!

This year there was a surge in people attending the City Lights Open in San Jose, California and many of the competitions were filled with wonderful talent, making it very exciting for all of us and I am sure for all attendees.

  • Report by: Didio Barrera
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Professional Latin at City Lights Open 2018

I would like to say congratulations to Paul and Anna for hosting a great event at City Lights Open. It carried great energy, great pro-am dancing, and amazing pro events.

  • Report by: Eddie Stutts
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Holiday Classic Returns to Luxor – Part II

In Part II of this article I will take a quick look at the Amateur and Pro-Am divisions from Holiday Classic 2017.

  • Report by: Keith Todd
  • Photos by: Charles Ryder Photography

Exclusive Interview with Gary Stroick, President USA Dance Exciting changes in the future of USA Dance

  • Report by: Susan Silva
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